Countdown to the Next Beverly Jenkins Novel: 4 Weeks

destiny_surrenderIn case you didn’t know, Beverly Jenkins is known as “the premiere writer of African-American Historical Romance.” And her next release Destiny’s Surrender is coming out on September 24. That’s in 4 weeks. Squee!

Since the release date is so close, I wanted to reminiscence on my favorite Beverly Jenkins historical romance novels. Notice I said “novels” plural because there is no way that I could ever pick just one. There are two that standout as near and dear to my heart: Topaz and Night Hawk. Why these two? Dixon Wildhorse and Ian “Preacher” Vance. <intentional, dramatic pause> Ooh-wee! They might be the best-est-est heroes ever.

The “cute meet” in both of these books are what grabbed me. But, there’s nothing cute about how these men first meet their heroines. However, both of those scenes had everything to do with hawt and sexy. Don’t worry, I’m not going to give away what happened in either of these scenes. I wouldn’t want to ruin it for any of you Beverly Jenkins virgins out there. But, I know all you die-hard Beverly Jenkins veterans KNOW what I’m talking about. <brushing the dust off my shoulders Dixon Wildhorse-style>

The genius of how these heroes were introduced and crafted goes back to my post about African-American heroes from a few weeks ago. These men are shown as protective, authoritative and holding their own during a racial tense time. Both stories are post-Reconstruction era Westerns. You have to remember that this time was known as “Redemption” in the former Confederate states. It was not an easy time for African-Americans to exert their fairly new rights and to establish themselves to post-slavery life.

But anyway, back to the romance. I’d love to hear from others about their favorite Beverly Jenkins novels, heroes and heroines. Go!


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